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ezzsteel Competition Law Compliance Program
ezzsteel recognises that competition law is an essential component of modern commercial law which contributes directly to improve economic development by preventing the erection of non-government barriers to trade and encouraging efficiency and innovation.

We have implemented a competition law compliance program across our organisation before Egypt’s Competition Law was enacted. Aiming to ensure the sustainability of our compliance policies, we have brought in international expertise to assist us in understanding our competition law obligations and to develop and implement an international best practice compliance program. That is probably an international first.

Our Competition Law Compliance Policy is not simply a set of aspirations; it is a clear unambiguous statement of policy supported by appropriate practices and procedures to ensure full compliance with the law. Our quest for excellence starts and finishes with our commitment to lawful and ethical conduct.

ezzsteel is committed to its customers, suppliers, employees, competitors, the Egyptian government and to the Egyptian people and maintains a corporate culture of compliance that is second to none.
competition_law_compliance_policy.pdf (PDF 27k)
سياسة التوافق مع قانون المنافسة (PDF 187k)
For any enquires or complaints about our Competition Law Compliance Program, please contact us on: