Al Ezz Steel Rebars (EZZ Steel)
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ezzsteel is the largest independent steel producer in the Middle East and North Africa, exporting high-quality steel products to many countries on four continents around the world. It is becoming firmly established as a global player in the steel industry, and leads the way by adopting the most advanced steelmaking technology.
The company’s state-of-the-art plants, strategically located close to major road links and international ports, produce 5.8 million tons of flat steel, rebar and wire rod in a wide range of grades to meet many challenging international standards and customer specifications.

The ezzsteel brand is synonymous with quality. High-grade raw materials, highly automated processes and continuous monitoring deliver steel quality that is second to none.

A skilled and dedicated workforce of more than 8,000 people puts the ezzsteel stamp of quality on every product. A spirit of excellence and continuous improvement pervades the ezzsteel culture, embodied by its founder and president Mr. Ahmed Ezz and upheld by the company’s exceptionally trained and highly motivated professionals.

Expansion and development never cease at ezzsteel. Investments of more than $4 billion in the latest technology have ensured that the quality and accuracy of the company’s products is continuously refined and improved, along with the environmental performance of its plants.

ezzsteel’s new Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) mega module at Ain Sokhna is a significant investment in vertical integration, and further strengthens the company’s position in the steel industry. Such an investment in upstream operations increases the efficiency of ezzsteel and consequently enhances its competitiveness, both regionally and internationally. With this addition, ezzsteel has become the second largest DRI producer worldwide, with a capacity of 5.1 million tons per year.