Al Ezz Steel Rebars (EZZ Steel)
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ezzsteel produces 5.8 million tons of high-quality steel products per year at four fully integrated steelmaking plants in Egypt.
Our long products rolling mills produce 3.5 million tons of rebar and wire rod, while our hot strip mills produce 2.3 million tons of flat steel to market-leading tolerances. We also produce welded wire mesh panels at a dedicated facility, providing a ready-to-use product for the construction industry.

ezzsteel products are produced to meet the specific demands of a vast range of applications, from concrete reinforcement to high-tensile cables, from nuclear projects infrastructure to fasteners and fixings. We produce more than 300 grades of steel to provide the properties required for this diverse range of applications, and to comply with demanding international standards and customer specifications.

Investment in the latest precision steelmaking technology ensures we maintain close control over product shape, composition and surface quality, assuring customers worldwide of the very highest standards of performance and reliability. Whatís more, our metallurgists are constantly innovating with steel properties to develop new steel compositions for the changing demands of the market.
Diameter Lengths Widths Thickness Coil Wieght
Rebar 10mm to 40mm 6m to 24m - - -
Wire rod 5.5mm to 14mm - - - 2t
Welded wire mesh 5mm to 12mm 12m (max)* 2.8m (max)* - -
Hot rolled coil ** - - 0.8m to 1.6m 1.2mm to 12.7mm 5 to 27t
* Pitches and free ends as per requirements.
** Pickled, oiled, cut-to-length, skin passed and slitted as per requirements.
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