Al Ezz Steel Rebars (EZZ Steel)
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ezzsteel manufactures an impressive range of sizes and grades to meet the requirements of a wide variety of end applications.
As new standards emerge and customer demands evolve, ezzsteel's robust program of product development enables it to keep pace with the ever-changing requirements of its many markets. Its highly skilled and experienced technical teams have dramatically increased the number of grades produced in recent years, and the company is constantly extending its product range, both in terms of sizes and grades.

ezzsteel now manufactures more than 50 steel grades that meet many challenging international standards and customer specifications. ezzsteel is proud of the capability it has developed to produce low-carbon grades with exceptional mechanical properties that provide excellent welding characteristics. In addition, ezzsteel's wire rod mill is working towards the production of high-grade, extra-clean steel qualities that will offer improved drawing performance.
Diameter Lengths Widths Thickness Coil Wieght
Rebar 10mm to 40mm 6m to 24m - - -
Wire rod 5.5mm to 14mm - - - 2t
Welded wire mesh 5mm to 12mm 12m (max)* 2.8m (max)* - -
Hot rolled coil ** - - 0.8m to 1.6m 1.2mm to 12.7mm 5 to 27t
* Pitches and free ends as per requirements.
** Pickled, oiled, cut-to-length, skin passed and slitted as per requirements.
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