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Steel rebar from ezzsteel is an essential component in myriad projects around the world, including concrete reinforcement bars for foundations and structural supports for many impressive large-scale buildings. Here's just a sample of some of the prestigious structures in which ezzsteel's steel rebar has played a crucial part.
Suez Canal Hanging Bridge
Suez Canal Hanging Bridge
Connecting Africa and Asia, the 9.5km long Suez Canal Bridge sweeps across the water south of Kantara City. Its obelisk-shaped towers soar to a height of 70 meters above water level, providing the anchors for cables supporting a 20-meter-wide roadway with a carrying load of 90 tons. The strength in these immense concrete towers is provided by 60,000 tons of reinforcing steel bars from ezzsteel.
Mubarak Pump Station, Toshka
Mubarak Pump Station, Toshka
One of the largest pump stations in the world, the Mubarak Station pumps water from Lake Nasser to the Sheikh Zayed Canal for irrigation in the North Wadi area. Constructed at a cost of LE1.5 billion, the facility was built using 28,000 tons of rebar from ezzsteel. The project required special sizes and lengths of rebar that only ezzsteel could supply.
Bibliotheca Alexandrina (Alexandria Library)
Bibliotheca Alexandrina (Alexandria Library)
The stunning new Alexandria Library creates a bold landmark on the Mediterranean coast, extending 37 meters above ground and a further 18 meters below. Designed to revive the old Bibliotheca Alexandrina - one of the Seven Wonders of the World - it provides 121,000 square meters of floor space, houses one of the largest collections of knowledge in the world, and cost $220 million to build. Forming the extensive foundations of this ambitious structure are 20,000 tons of rebar supplied exclusively by ezzsteel.
Sidi Krair Power Plant

The Sidi Krair Power Plant serves the new city of Bourg El Arab on the North Coast of Egypt, near to Alexandria. The LE 1 bn power plant has four generators that produce 325 megawatts of electricity that serves one of the largest of Egypt’s new industrial cities. The construction of the power station used over 6,000 tons of ezzsteel.
Al Azhar Tunnel

The Alhar Tunnel is located in one of the oldest areas in Downtown Cairo - an area known for its architectural splendour and historical significance. The 2.65km 2-lane tunnel, made using 4,500 tons of ezzsteel wire mesh, has significantly improved the flow of traffic in this very busy part of the city. This change is expected to help the preservation of the historical buildings as well as increase trade and tourism.