Al Ezz Steel Rebars (EZZ Steel)
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Sadat City
10th Ramadan

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Modern, purpose-built and fully integrated plants in Alexandria, Suez, Sadat City and 10th Ramadan City produce a wide range of rebar, wire rod, wire mesh and flat steel products to international quality standards. Continuous investment has built the company's overall capacity to 5.8 million tons per year, including three million tons of long products.
Location of Plants Products Capacity Commission Year
Alexandria Rebar, Wire, Flat 3mt 1986
Sadat City Rebar 1.0mt 1996
10th of Ramadan City Rebar, Wire 0.5mt 1993
Suez Flat 1.3mt 2002
ezzsteel has one of the highest levels of productivity in the world, at 800 tons per employee per year. At the company's long products plants, raw material processing, steelmaking, casting, rolling and finishing operations are all part of a continuous, computer-controlled process. Highly trained personnel in fully automated control pulpits monitor steel production from beginning to end, ensuring that steel is always manufactured in line with strict quality standards.
Strategic locations
All ezzsteel plants are ideally located close to major ports at Alexandria and Suez. Steel is easily transported to these international distribution hubs via major highways and railways. This means that ezzsteel products are very quickly transferred from the company's steelmaking operations to ports for immediate shipment overseas.