Al Ezz Steel Rebars (EZZ Steel)
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10th Ramadan

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The plant's port and mineral jetty can receive and unload vessels with a capacity of up to 160,000 tons of iron oxide pellets. Raw materials are transported to the main plant by conveyor belts.

The reduction of iron ore (oxide pellets or lump ore) takes place in two Direct Reduction Plants (DRPs) using the Midrex process. The Midrex process is characterized by its high energy efficiency as it uses reformed natural gas to produce the reducing gases (CO and H2).

Molten steel is produced by four, 46 MVA transformer, 80 tons Electric Arc Furnaces (EAFs). The ferrous charge comprises approximately 95% DRI and 5% scrap steel.

Refining of the molten steel produced by the EAFs is the role of two ladle furnaces, which give tight control of chemical analysis, low level of inclusions and homogenous chemistry and temperature.

Three, four-strand continuous casting machines cast the molten steel into 130mm sq. billets with lengths of 16m.