Al Ezz Steel Rebars (EZZ Steel)
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ezzsteel has invested extensively in environmental protection at its plants, ranging from filters to purify emissions to the maintenance of large green spaces at all sites. All of its steel plants meet internationally recognized environmental and occupational health and safety standards, with very tight controls over gaseous, dust and other airborne emissions, as well as liquid effluents, noise levels and even electrical pollution that could affect domestic supplies.

Solid waste is recycled at all plants, and each has its own sophisticated water treatment facility for recycling all water used on site.

Along with its environmental policy, ezzsteel adheres strictly to its pollution abatement policy, which states, “Prevent production of pollutants through optimum design operation and control to simultaneously maximize productivity and minimize energy consumption”. Always environmentally conscious, ezzsteel seeks to minimize emission of pollutants, recycle and reuse materials and execute safe disposal of any and all non-recyclable materials.